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The High-Low | Uplifting Body Washes

full disclosure press sample disclaimer The High-Low | Uplifting Body Washes via Makeup Morsels

Everyone has been getting sick lately, and speaking  from personal experience, I can offer this advice: the steam from your shower will give you some temporary relief when you’re positive you cannot take another breath—literally, because your breathing passages have decided to seal themselves up and give you a headache in the process. It’s also at this time that I thank the bath gods for the invention of scented shower gels. Essential oils (or any pleasant scent) + rejuvenating steam? Really, how can you not feel at least a little bit better after that?

If you simply refuse to spend into the double digits on something that a) must cover your entire body and b) gets rinsed right off, I recommend St. Ives Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash. You can grab a huge bottle online at Target for a mere $4—in store, it’s a few cents more expensive, but always seems to ring in under $5. I love this stuff because it smells like real-deal juicy pear, not fruit that’s been doused in synthetic vanilla. It’s also not too strong and doesn’t linger for long on my skin after I shower, so I can proceed to spritz myself with whichever perfume I’m feeling at the moment. They also get bonus points for putting actual pear extract and soy in the ingredients list—admittedly not at the very top, but they’re both in there.

Now personally speaking, I used to be firmly anti-splurge where shower gels were concerned (I also recall a time when I thought of $14 lip balms as highway robbery). But I got my first taste of the pricey stuff last year, and I see why some don’t mind shelling out some extra cash for shower aromatherapy-in-a-bottle. My current favorite is the Agraria Lemon Verbena Bath & Shower Gel, pictured above. At $24, it’s expensive but not outrageously so. The Agraria gels lather beautifully and smell downright heavenly when they meet steam. Lemon Verbena is happy, bright and borderline candy-ish (though I stress, not in a headache-inducing, sugary way) with notes of Caribbean line, rose, jasmine and—obviously—lemon-scented verbena leaves. Another upside? These would make for a lovely hostess gift. Just saying, if you turned up at my front door with a bottle of Agraria anything, I’d happily let you in.

Shower gels, splurge or save? And if you were going to spend, what would you get?

Full disclosure: Agraria’s shower gels are a press sample from my previous job, same review policy applies.

23 thoughts on “The High-Low | Uplifting Body Washes

  1. Hey MM, I tend to save on shower gels because there are enough budget-friendly options that I like. I do splurge sometimes though! I’d splurge on for example L’Occitane almond shower oil or bodhi shower gels!

  2. Hey Sarah would I still be welcomed if I brought a bottle of St. Yves? 🙂

    I’m not a big spender for shower gels, I’m ok with The Body Shop’s price range but over that not so much. Now this Agraria I would love to try especially since I’m a lemon addict!

  3. I tend to use bar soap because most shower gels have either SLS or coco betaine, but I do miss how wonderfully scented shower gels can be. Both of these sound so lovely!

  4. Lol, I will definitely keep this brand in mind for our next cross-continent meeting. But speaking of St. Ives, I really liked the pear but LOVE their new pink lemon grapefruit one. Perfect for upcoming warmer seasons!

  5. Definitely save – it goes down the drain too quickly ahaha. I don’t mind splurging for heavenly body scrubs (Clarins!) or body lotions (L’Occitane!) though…

  6. I used to think I wouldn’t splurge on shower gels that get washed down the drain but now I certainly would shell out a pretty penny for a luxurious smooth lather. I really detest gloopy shower gels that don’t smell good.

  7. I like to splurge on shower gels, but I like getting them on sale. I wait for combo deals at Crabtree & Evelyn for their gorgeous India Hicks Spider Lily shower gel, and last year, I stocked up on Calyx shower gel at the Estée Lauder – MAC Warehouse sale.

  8. I’m staying at Intercontinental hotel in Saigon at the moment and musing over their Agraria toiletries! I’m so glad you posted it because I was curious about the brand. They seem really nice.

  9. mmmm lemon. i am scared of shower gels more expensive than lush. some of them smell so good lol. i guess that would be considered a splurge then? though i consider it more mid-range haha. I plan to get mr bunny some jack black or anthony shower gel eventually once we use up more stuff too.

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