Eyes on Avène Antirougeurs

avene antirougeurs

As someone who loves the epitome of French pharmacy goodness known as Avène, I was a little shocked when I realized I completely missed out on the existence of their Antirougeurs line. “Blushing is beautiful, but as over 16 million Americans who cope with rosacea will tell you, red, blotchy skin is not,” they say. I don’t have rosacea, but I do have skin that is prone to redness. One of the side effects of sporting a permanent blush is having people remind you you’re sporting a permanent blush—”Have you been drinking?” someone once asked me at 2 in the afternoon…who do you people think I am?

For those of you who do have to deal with rosacea, consider their Antirougeurs range. I haven’t personally used these, but if they’re anything like the plethora of products I’ve collected over the years, they will solve all your skincare woes like nobody’s business. Each product is formulated with my holy grail of holy grails: Avène’s Thermal Spring Water. The cooling redness relief comes courtesy of Ruscus Extract, an ingredient clinically proven to counteract every degree of facial flushing—from temporary reddening due to eating a spicy meal to the more persistent and permanent reddening you might experience from rosacea. These products are designed to reduce redness and help prevent future flare-ups, so consider this your must-have list for Rosacea Awareness Month (that’s April!). Discover the full range below:

  • Antirougeurs Redness-Relief Dermo-Cleansing Milk ($28 / 10.14 fl. oz.) to gently cleanse and ease heat sensations, tingling and flushing with Ruscus Extract (0.1%), Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone to help strengthen walls of blood vessels and Dextran Sulfate, a decongestant, to help counteract swelling.
  • Antirougeurs FORT Relief Concentrate for Chronic Redness ($46 / 1.01 fl. oz.) —exclusive to physicians—is an advanced spot treatment with medical-grade Ruscus Extract (0.3%), which is enriched with the highest possible concentration of saponins, the anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant active molecules found in the Ruscus plant, to target localized redness by reducingappearance of small blood vessels and decreasing facial flushes by helping to prevent new blood vessels from forming. Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone helps to strengthen walls of blood vessels. Dextran Sulfate helps to minimize the appearance of swelling.
  • Antirougeurs CALM Redness Relief Soothing Repair Mask ($32 / 1.69 fl. oz.) —exclusive to physicians—is ideal for calming flare-ups of redness and for instant cooling after laser procedures. Medical-grade Ruscus Extract (0.1%) enriched with the highest possible concentration of saponins decreases visible redness while Sucralfate (1%) goes to work to repair irritated skin.
  • Antirougeurs DAY Redness-Relief Soothing Cream ($36 / 1.35 fl. oz.) with broad spectrum SPF 25 and Ruscus Extract (0.2%) is recommended for daily use to neutralize redness, protect against sun damage and reduces the recurrence of flushing.

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6 thoughts on “Eyes on Avène Antirougeurs

  1. I love that cleansing milk especially in winter. I’ve uses a few tubes of the previous formula of the day cream but now prefer a one step BB. It made my face a little shiny but powder took care of that. 🙂

    • Hi Blair, oops a bit late on this one! I would really just recommend you shop their line according to your skintype, and I particularly like their moisturizers. When I was younger and had much oilier/breakout-prone skin, their Cleanance line was a lifesaver. The one thing I recommend to EVERYONE is their thermal water,it’s amazing as a first layer pre-skincare.

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