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How to Get Treadmill-Proof Brows

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Kicking off the new posting schedule with this bangin’ brow pencil from what has become a fast favorite makeup brand: Dolce&Gabbana. If you recall, I raved about their miracle-working powder that launched recently, which is nothing short of model-skin-in-a-compact. Seriously. See to believe.

So how does the brow pencil hold up? As the title says, it survives the treadmill. And before you ask, “but why would you need treadmill-proof brows?” allow me to point out that makeup capable of surviving a brisk run torturous jog can last through anything: rain, humidity, or even the odd night when you forget to remove your makeup and oversleep the next day (don’t do this).

Brows are one of those things you sometimes suspect aren’t that big of a deal (despite what everyone tells you), but I promise you they are in fact essential to framing your features. There was a lengthy period this year when I got lazy and left them untouched. Because who even sees your brows when you have bangs, yes? But as I’ve been growing my hair out, I’ve started noticing their effect again. The other morning, as I was about to head out the door sans brow pencil, I realized my face was missing that certain polished something-or-other. So obviously, I took the extra two seconds to fill them in. Bam. Instant difference.

Which brings me back to this pencil and its excellent staying power. While brainstorming ways to test it out, I realized the treadmill would be the ultimate exam. So off I went, with an otherwise-bare face and softly penciled-in brows. Conclusion? Dolce&Gabbana Shaping Eyebrow Pencil ($45), you have officially been approved for the gym.


1 Soft Brown, swatched on the right.

Other reasons to love it: the pencil comes in mechanical twist-up form and includes a capped spoolie on one end. The nib is shaped like a triangle (Hourglass’ brow pencil comes to mind here), and yes, certain high-end brands gravitate toward this shape for a reason. It allows you to create a powder effect with the thick end, then flip it around and do more detailed work with the sharper side. The effect is so natural that I can get away with using the lightest shade: 1 Soft Brown (also seen here), with a little brushing—and it doesn’t hurt that the formula blends like a dream. If I have time to sit down, I’ll use an angled liner brush to apply MAC’s Brun Eyeshadow at the head, and fill in the arch and tail with this pencil. That, I’ve come to discover, is my picture-perfect brow.

At $45, this falls firmly into splurge territory. But if you’re looking to invest in your brows, this is the quickest, easiest way to get them looking natural and full. Yeah, I definitely approve.

P.S. Looking for additional tips to shape and fill in your brows? I’ve got you covered.

Full disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration. You can find out more about my review policy over at the disclaimer page.

16 thoughts on “How to Get Treadmill-Proof Brows

  1. Oh nooo what have you DONE? Now I seriously need to hunt this down! I really love twist-up brow pencils, and this looks similar enough to my beloved Hourglass Arch with the difference that it’ll survive the treadmill!

  2. I use the Illamasqua Brow Powder in Moto and set that with a bit of Anastasia Clear Brow gel. Stays put through Zumba or treadmill! I like Moto a lot because it’s so cool toned. All these brow pencils are so warm and look ridiculous on me with the grey hair. Makes my brows look like they’re not even mine hahaha.

  3. I love your treadmill test! Right now, I’m training for a half-marathon and sometimes I really don’t want to do the no-makeup thing.

  4. LOL these eye brow product posts make me feel so weird! I don’t use any, never have and don’t seem to need them except to keep my brows in place. Glad you like this one. Now do you use anything to keep them looking nice? I think I need one of those. 🙂

  5. It’s just as well D&G makeup isn’t here – holy moly $45. O__O But it’s true about the brows. I didn’t groom them for years, but now I feel so unfinished if I don’t pay attention to them at least a bit.

  6. I loooove mechanical brow pencils! So handy to have around, and practically no wastage either. Now my collection would be complete if I had this one muahaha

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