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Stay Fresh, Aluminum-Free

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It’s borderline ridiculous that I would get this excited over a deodorant—especially one that favors plain packaging over the more dressed-up types out there (for instance, I do go bananas over this classy rollerball situation from Le Couvent des Minimes without even having tried the thing). But if you’ve ever tossed deodorant after deodorant trying to find an alcohol/aluminum/paraben-free formula that works, you’ll be over-the-flipping-moon to hear that such a product exists. I mentioned way back when that Lavilin‘s cream formula was the one to buy—as in nothing else even comes close. That is, nothing else came close until they repackaged it into a rollerball formula, simultaneously making it 10x easier to apply and giving it a mild laundry-ish scent (the old one was vaguely medicinal). Essentially, I can no long find any fault with this thing. Like, not a single one.

So a little background: the idea behind Lavilin’s products are that you only need to apply them once every 72 hours. Previously, one application lasted up to a week but they’ve since reformulated it to make it even more wholesome. The box says it takes 5-7 applications to get optimal results, but I’m good to go after the first. Other rules: shake well, apply to clean, dry underarms before bed, avoid use directly after shaving, and obviously let it dry before getting dressed. I’ll be honest…I read none of these rules the first time around and it still works. But for optimal results, do as the box says.

A single application easily lasts through showers, serious gym struggles (did I ever tell you guys about the time I hit my face on an elliptical? Still trying to work out how that one happened), and torrid SoCal summers. Reapply only when needed—for me, that varies by season and my weekly workout-motivation levels. Sometimes I can get by applying this only once or twice a month, and sometimes I do the 72-hour routine. Either way, it’s undeniably fantastic and you should grab a $16 bottle now. Note that it’s not an antiperspirant and will do nothing as far as decreasing your sweat levels goes, but whatever. You glow, Glen Coco.

Full disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration. You can find more information on my review policy here.

13 thoughts on “Stay Fresh, Aluminum-Free

  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of this product but now I want it! I’ve been alternating Vichy and Keihl’s these days and they work fine for me but having to use less would be fab!

  2. I have to admit, applying this only a few times a month sounds scary…but I desperately want a natural deo that works, so I think I am going to try it! I trust you MM!

  3. Huh! NEAT. And I think I need to now how you got hit in the face by an elliptical hahaha.

  4. Wow, this sounds super interesting! I tend to sweat like…something really sweaty, so it might not be right for me, but then again, how will I know until I try it? (This is how you justify unnecessary purchases, kids.)

  5. I am so intrigued by this product. I am a crystal deodorant gal through and through but have recently added Weleda’s deodorants to my regimen as an extra layer of strength. Am breastfeeding and so the herbs I am taking for increasing milk levels has made me smell a bit too earthy for my liking. Weleda’s formula is also aluminum-free and comes in a spray bottle (not aerosol), but sometimes it falters in really hot and humid conditions. Sooo, I’ll love to try this brand out – bookmarking this!

    • I tried crystal deodorants, but they didn’t do much for me :/ Need something that can last through a workout and the rest of the day. I’ve seen the Weleda, that rose-scented spray? Hope you get on with this one better!

    • Yes! It’s been an ongoing debate for a looong time whether or not this is harmful, but I was just never allowed to use deos with aluminum in middle school and the habit stuck.

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