Nailed It: The Perfect Nude

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Ummm…I’ve had a very long week(end). And as I am still trying to figure out where to live, I currently do not have access to my beloved DIY photo studio. Nor do I possess the energy to whip up another one on the fly.

Believe it or not, I am of the opinion that finding a nude lacquer should be high on your list of polish priorities.

(What?? Didn’t you once put rhinestones on your nails?)

Hear me out. In the event that you’d like to make your nail look polished but subtle, nude is always the way to go. Plus, it lengthens your fingers and makes your rings look better (it just does). Nude is usually my shade of choice when I’m going in for an interview or the first day of an internship—I think it makes me look a little more put together, but more importantly? If it chips, you can’t even tell. And because I possess the rare talent of chipping my nails in my sleep, this is imperative. I also love it because I am a proponent of colors that don’t require the most careful painting in the world. This is because I often paint my nails and do work at the same time, meaning that I’m not actually looking at my fingers. As I’m quite sure any manicurist will tell you, this will give you something akin to the Jackson Pollock effect, only much less awesome.

And this is why you have to choose your nude wisely! Go for a color that that doesn’t match your skin exactly (mannequin hands alert), but “echoes” it in undertone. For me, this is CND Desert Suede, which I honestly thought I reviewed three years ago…..buuuut, it turns out I never did. The color is neither too grey and putty-ish, nor too light and peachy. Perfection. The CND formula, for those of you who haven’t tried it, is equally fantastic. It goes on smooth and thin, and doesn’t thicken over time, no matter how long you leave it sitting at the back of your stash (elegant and tasteful? Yes. Exciting it is not). I usually do two coats and seal it with a healthy helping of Out The Door topcoat. No glitter, no rhinestones.

Have you found your perfect nude?

Full disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. You can read more about my review policy over here.

11 thoughts on “Nailed It: The Perfect Nude

  1. Hey MM, congrats on finding your perfect nude! It seems so easy, but it’s basically mission impossible! Mine is Dior Icognito. I wouldn’t say it’s because it fits my skin tone to a T, it’s more because it just looks really, really good on 🙂

  2. These days I’m stuck wearing nude because my nails are in bad shape! They peel at the tips so I wear Chanel Frenzy. When it chips it’s less obvious. Not the perfect nude on me but I think it’s ok for now. 🙂

  3. I am on a nude kick, as you know, and I think I found ANOTHER perfect nude (because every time, I think I’ve found it lol…but THIS time, it’s for reals…I think) – Tom Ford Toasted Sugar. It looks AWESOME on my tanned hands, and it’s just the perfect tone. Once I pick up YSL’s Beige Leger I’ll be able call it a day, I think. It’s also *perfect* but a cooler tone. I would even consider keeping just the TF and the YSL and ‘distributing’ the rest. I love a good nude but I don’t need 50 variations on that theme, ya know?

    • hahahah no such thing as too many perfect nudes, right? I mean 50 is too many, but 5-10 should be just enough. How’s the formula on the Tom Ford polishes? Good across the board?

  4. This definitely is your perfect nude! Looks great on you! I like my colors too much to have a perfect nude, but I would have to say my perfect nude is a black creme 🙂

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