IMAX x Maleficent Event: Red Lips & Summer Flicks

IMAX MAC Maleficent Event

It’s not my habit to write about blogger events a) because I usually have no time to go on the off chance that I’m lucky enough to be invited and b) because I hardly want to subject anyone to a post that reveals nothing more than, “Look where I was last night & it was cool/end story!” 😀 (smiley face imperative).

IMAX MAC Maleficent Event

However, I do have to talk about the red lips created on the Aurora & Maleficent models at the IMAX x Disney Maleficent pre-screening I attended earlier in the week (big thanks all around for the invite).

MAC makeup artist Cynthia Rivas demoed the Aurora look, which can basically be summed up as fresh-faced model backstage at Fashion Week. Ethereal skin, dewy cheeks, flushed lips, and highlighting over contouring? Yup, I definitely typed all of those things at some point during runway beauty coverage. The lip, though, is actually the same color used on the Maleficent model. In this case, it was applied with a finger and gently patted out into a sheer stain, which all of you know is my favorite low-maintenance way to wear an intense red. Meanwhile, Senior MAC MUA John Stapleton built up the intense, no-holds-barred red on the Maleficent model. With an application this bold, he didn’t just use red lipstick; lipliner was also involved. I want to say there might have been gloss, but at this point in the night, I was too busy downing my h20 non-cocktail (trying to take 20 shots of a makeup look with your phone that all turn out yellow makes you thirsty) to take notes. Because I’m really feeling this red lip after watching the movie though, here are my quick tips: prep the lips with a matte balm (this is my favorite) and grab a lip brush. After that, it’s the standard drill: apply, blot, reapply. Apply lipliner for a cleaner look, and to get that ultra-sharp edge, feather your lipline with concealer. MAC’s Maleficent launch includes a crazy-bright red called True Love’s Kiss, but MAC Russian Red is another lovely shade to try (albeit darker and cooler, check out Temptalia’s shade comparisons here).

IMAX MAC Maleficent Event

The screening was the highlight of the evening, and without giving any spoilers away, I can tell you that Angelina Jolie was on point. I mean that makeup-wise, as in I had a serious case of red lip envy by the time I exited the theater. But there’s also the actual acting, and she stole every single scene she was in. I have not always been the biggest fan of her movies (remember Salt? I had a lot to say about that one), so that’s saying something. Now, do you need to see this in IMAX? Speaking as someone who tends to find IMAX 3D movies overwhelming (the first one I saw was about spelunking and my elementary school self could not handle the intensity), this is one of the unique cases where I felt that 3D added to—rather than gratuitously detracted from—the experience. Definitely a nice treat if you have time go go see it during its one-week special engagement in IMAX theaters. And speaking of that, my giveaway winner has been announced. Congrats Margo, hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did!

Will you be seeing Maleficent? What are some of your best red lip tips?

xo, MM

P.S. Another fascinating read for those of you into movie makeup: Byrdie Beauty gets the secrets behind Angelina Jolie’s movie makeup. For example: the answer to those super-sharp (even more so than usual!) cheekbones? Prosthetics. And, most likely, magic.

All photos courtesy of Maribel Farina Photography

6 thoughts on “IMAX x Maleficent Event: Red Lips & Summer Flicks

  1. Ooo that must have been fun! This is definitely a movie I want to see but I gotta take my daughter to see X-Men first!

    Love the red lip tips and I didn’t know about that balm, the one I have and use for when I use a matte lipstick is Nuxe Rêve de Miel and it does an good job too. 🙂

  2. Cannot wait to see her lips on screen!!! This looks like a fun event and thanks again for the tickets!!! I’m taking my mommy as an extra birthday treat for her, so it worked out splendidly!! I’ll let you know what I think!

  3. I’m glad to hear it was a good movie – I actually really like Angelina and I heard its been getting poor reviews, though I’m keen to see it. And red lips are all sorts of awesome, for every occasion on everybody! Sooo, there’s that 🙂

    • I never had much of an opinion on Angelina Jolie…didn’t love her didn’t hate her, but she pretty much carries this entire movie. See it for her and the special effects. Had a couple of spoiler-ish plot quibbles, but it was a good summer flick.

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