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Morgan Taylor’s Island Treasures | Review & Swatches

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My polish collection will always have a place for a well-done neutral (or five)—but when it comes to nails, the brighter the better. And Morgan Taylor’s Island Treasures release delivers everything I want from a summer nail launch. In other words, color. There’s a bit of everything here, from the ever-popular pinks to the blues and greens that are bound to coat my nails many times over the upcoming months. And when you line them all up together? Well, just look up there^^^ Aren’t they pretty?

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Morgan Taylor is a line created specifically for professionals. I’ve found that this translates to a great formula and well-designed bottles. You know that thing where the cap refuses to twist off unless you scream at it a few dozen times while whacking it on the nearest surface (ok, don’t actually do this)? These are easy to grip and untwist, and fit nicely in my hand. On the flipside, they can be a bit of a pain to track down, as they’re not designed for the mass market. If you’re lucky, you may find them in select spas and salons. My PR contact confirmed that the only site that currently carries their line is e-tailer Loxa Beauty, where you can purchase them individually or as trios.


left to right: Morgan Taylor Sarong But So Right, Beach Babe, Tropical Punch


left to right: Morgan Taylor Making Waves, Going Native, Take Me To Your Tribe

Speaking of the trios, they’ve essentially split the six into two color sets: things that are pinkish and things that are not. Beach Babe is a pale pinkish peach. The description cites shimmer, but it reads as a cream finish on the nails. Out of the six shades, the is the only one that doesn’t work for me; the undertones simply refuse to play nice with my coloring. Tropical Punch is the punchy pink creme I’m pretty sure everyone but me adores for this season. While I’ve never been one for pinks, I can say this one hits its mark with its bright-but-not-neon shade and appropriately juicy finish. Sarong But So Right is a demonstration of how well Morgan Taylor can do shimmers, suspended in a magenta base that leans more pink than purple. Take Me To Your Tribe is hands-down my favorite of the bunch. It’s the perfect light-medium blue, neither too pastel nor too bright. It’s one of those finger-elongating, instantly chic-ifying shades I’m always searching for, and I plan to make a serious dent in this bottle. Going Native is a gorgeous jade-turquoise creme that has just the right balance of yellow and blue. Making Waves is the requisite watery blue, only more cerulean than the intense royal blues I’ve come to expect from summer nail releases.

Guess which trio I’m drawn to? I know, it’s so hard to tell.


l to r: Beach Babe, Tropical Punch, Sarong But So Right, Take Me To Your Tribe, Going Native, Making Waves


Morgan Taylor Take Me To Your Tribe

A word on the cremes of the collection: Morgan Taylor’s formula require a different approach than the whisper-thin-layers method I’m used to. You have to really load up the brush with these to get the color to flow smoothly and evenly. If you’re worried this will result in instant chipping and drying times that drag on foreverrrr, fret not. These dry in a flash and hold up well, so the thicker coats aren’t an issue. As for the shimmers and glitters (there are none in this launch, but Morgan Taylor does a kickass glitter), paint as normal.

These are available now on the site linked above. You can purchase them individually at $8.50/bottle or buy them as trios, normally priced at $25 but currently on sale for $19.90/trio.

What’s your summer lacquer of choice?

Full disclosure: The products featured in this post were submitted by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. You can find more information on my review policy over at my disclaimer page.

10 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor’s Island Treasures | Review & Swatches

  1. OOO this is a pretty collection! Strange as it may sound, I’m digging the blue/teal ones here! Sarong but So Right is gorgeous as well, and the name cracks me up.

  2. These are gorgeous! Thanks for the info on where to get then because I have been looking for these around at spas etc. I love Sarong but So Right as well haha 🙂

  3. I’ve only recently heard of this brand, but I’m liking what I see so far! I think I would wear every shade in this collection, and that’s saying something! (also have a hard on for that pale blue too, MM!)

  4. This is my first time to hear about this brand and I am interested to try it out. It has great colors especially the Take me to your tribe. Its a Summer nail color.

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