The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.86

The Wednesday Wigeon No.86

1. Share-worthy finds:

  • I spent an entire night watching these amazing videos by Carte Noire. Start with ROSE or La recette des cupcakes and work your way through.
  • iPhone battery packs! A must for when you’re out all day.
  • Perforated bootie-meets-sandal amazingness from Vince Camuto, above.

2. Highlight or contour?

Both! Except…usually neither because I always end up doing my makeup while eating breakfast and getting dressed.

3. How many calendars do you keep?

A big one on my desk, two dry-erase ones on my wall, and Sunrise on my phone and desktop (obsessed). And yet, I still manage to forget things sometimes.

Come take part in this week’s Q&A! Simply copy/paste the following questions, and answer them in the comments below:

1. Share-worthy finds:
2. Highlight or contour?
3. How many calendars do you keep?

xo, MM &
the wednesday wigeon


9 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.86

  1. Those shoes are HOT.

    1. Finds? Um. I bought nail polish today. And damn if I am not loving every single Shu Uemura lipstick I buy…
    2. I suck at contouring, but I feel like if I am going to contour, I also have to highlight…so usually I just highlight, LOL.
    3. I have ical synced on my phone and computer. I like functionality over pretty fluttery things for calendars and other work-type items (although I will make an exception for colored pens. Shrug.)

  2. Love those bad-ass shoes!

    1. Share-worthy finds: Awesome thick black leggings that don’t need to be hemmed from Zara. I will live in them next fall/winter.

    2. Highlight or contour? Highlight usually. I don’t contour because it doesn’t flatter my face.

    3. How many calendars do you keep? Just the one on my iPod. I ended up ditching the pocket paper agenda system two years ago.

  3. Oh sweet baby, those shoes!!!

    1. Worthy finds, kinda loving the new Dior nail polish formula, wearing Wonderland atm and can’t stop looking at my nails!
    2. Contouring I guess since I wear bronzer very day and rarely highlight. I guess where I don’t apply bronzer would qualify as “natural highlight” don’t you think? 🙂
    3. I rarely look at a calendar except at work where I have a small one on my desk.

  4. I feel the same way. I barely have time for my basics like mascara and foundation in the morning. I just love my extra 5 min of sleep.

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