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That Bronze Goddess Gleam: Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm

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That Bronze Goddess Gleam: Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm

“Subtle” isn’t a word I tend to associate with Urban Decay. I don’t recall ever using that word in an Urban Decay review actually, but if I did, it might have been something along the lines of “Why is this so subtle? Can I get some more microglitter on this thing?”

Their popular Naked line might be the one exception to that rule, and their newest launch is definitely an exception, but in the best way possible. Naked Skin Body Beauty Balm ($32) is basically a massive, 5 oz (see below for my version of scale) peppermint-scented-BB-cream-meets-illuminator for your body. There’s not much color to the formula, meaning it should work for a wide range of skin tones. Think of it more as an overlay, like one of those gel highlighters you might mix in with your foundation. It falls on the warm side, but is peachy rather than gold or bronze. And it imparts the most beautiful, subtle, iridescent sheen. No sparkle. No microglitter. No shimmer. And no, it won’t leave your legs looking like they’re slathered in Vaseline (or worse, glitter glue). Only under direct, extremely bright sunlight do I see the telltale tiny microshimmers. Otherwise, summer perfection!

That Bronze Goddess Gleam: Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm

Had to get in on that family portrait action.

Beauty Body Balm also claims to tighten and firm skin while blurring flaws. Any sort of illuminating product will, by default, make your skin look a little more perfect. So yes, there’s that kind of blurring included, but I haven’t noticed much in the tightening or firming department. It makes your legs look more toned because of the way it reflects light, but that’s where the magic ends for me. Just something to keep in mind, although I am perfectly ok with this as is.

Application is as straightforward as it gets, but be mindful that the formula is runny right out of the bottle. It sinks in instantly though, and is truly weightless (read: no residue, no sensation of makeup all over your body). It’s pretty hard to overdo it with this stuff, so start with something larger than a quarter-sized amount and layer on more as needed. It dries instantly, and as far as I can tell, it hasn’t transferred on any of my clothes—although I wouldn’t tempt fate by pairing this with clean, crisp white clothing. That’s just asking for an emergency bleach-buying Target trip.

What’s your favorite summer body product? Hit me up with suggestions in the comments.

Full disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. You can read my full review policy over at my disclaimer page.

15 thoughts on “That Bronze Goddess Gleam: Urban Decay Body Beauty Balm

  1. Hey Sarah, man they have really made a BB cream for EVERY body part by now! My favorite summer body product is Caudalie Divine Legs! I like how subtle it is, but it makes a good difference 🙂

    • I’ve never been on board with BB creams for the face, but I think this one is quite cool! They don’t actually call it a BB cream, but I inferred from “beauty balm”

  2. Sounds quite lovely, MM! I never use these kinds of things anymore – I was ALL over body glow/shimmer/sparkle/what have you when I was in high school and university, but I never bother with it now. I think it was directly related to how much I partied LOL. Lately though, I’ve been thinking about amping up my glow for summer, like for legs, to make ‘em gleam. I’ll check it out when I’m working at Sephora (for Clinique) tomorrow!

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