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Beauty Thoughts & EOTD: Winged with a Twist

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Beauty Thoughts & EOTD: Winged with a Twist

I’ve been thinking a lot (that’s not entirely true…I’ve had a few thoughts while half-asleep in the morning) about blogging lately. If you are a blogger, have been a blogger, or are thinking about becoming a blogger, this type of constant reflection is something that just comes with the territory. Every few months, I look at this space and I evaluate where it’s going vs. where I want it to be.

My latest revelation is that this blog has always been a hobby. I don’t SEO-research my posts, nor have I entertained the idea of monetizing this particular project or doing it full-time. Contrary to what that might sound like if you’re a first-time visitor, I do care very much about the content I run on here. Some might say too much. But it’s never been my goal to turn this blog into any semblance of a business, especially as my work life has become increasingly (ok, exclusively) beauty-oriented.

I’m sharing this partly because I started to feel that even the Monday-Wednesday posting plan was too restrictive. It’s true that I’m lucky to have an extremely flexible work schedule; my internship is part-time, I freelance remotely, and I set my own hours as far as blogging for Forbes.com goes. When I’m doing it all at once though, I realize blogging is not something I want to pencil into my calendar—it’s a process I’d like to continue to approach as organically as possible.

And so, my new goal: to post regularly every week, twice a week from Monday-Friday, whenever inspiration strikes.

Beauty Thoughts & EOTD: Winged with a Twist

Today, I’m sharing this little eye makeup trick I’ve been employing regularly. I spotted something similar on the time-sucking black hole known as Pinterest, and the original inspiration is here. As you can probably see, I lack this lady’s next-level makeup skills, but you get the idea. Like all my favorite looks, this belongs to the high-impact, low effort category of beauty. You can achieve it with minimal product, you can switch up the base color depending on your mood, and you don’t have to be a makeup pro to do this. I would know.

This is self-explanatory enough that I didn’t feel the need to shoot a step-by-step, but here’s the basic tutorial:

  1. Lay down your base color of choice, drawing a thick line at the base of your upper lashes. I’ve been turning to a soft brown liner like Urban Decay Underground* because I love the effect it gives (blue also looks really cool). The reason I do this pre-liquid liner is so I have a general guide for where the top of my winged liner should go.
  2. Trace the top edge of your pencil liner with a black liquid liner (I still love my KATE Super Sharp Liquid Liner in Black), winging it out at the end. It’s easiest to do this while looking down—and don’t forget to open and close your eyes to check the effect.
  3. Complete the outline with a final pass of the liquid liner along your upper lashline (going over the bottom edge of your pencil line), and draw a diagonal line at the end to connect it to your wing. Keep this line as thin as possible. Go over the base color with your pencil liner if you wish to intensify the color. Curl lashes (everyone loves Shu Uemura for a reason), add mascara (LORAC PRO Mascara*), and you’re done!

I’d like to know…Which eye looks have you been loving lately, and what does blogging mean to you?

Stay tuned for my second post this week!

Full disclosure: Any press samples used in this tutorial are marked with an asterisk (*). For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.

16 thoughts on “Beauty Thoughts & EOTD: Winged with a Twist

  1. I love this winged out look! Also really appreciate that you are not looking to monetize your blog 🙂

  2. A nice and simple look 🙂 Blogging has and will always be a personal hobby for me. I guess that’s why it’s easier to say no to brands when they don’t feel right. Everything’s different when money is in the equation. Then, when the fire for blogging dies down, I can just stop, with no regrets.

    • Sounds like we’re in the same boat there! I loveee beauty and I love writing about it, but it’s nice to have one space that’s all mine, where I can take it in whichever direction I please.

  3. You are, as always, an inspiration MM! Great look, btw, and I love the way you run your blog. I’ll always be a fan and reader, no matter what you do with it!

  4. Yeah, I have those blog-related questions all the time, too. I think you’re making the right choice, though. If you set rigid goals for yourself, you might strain against them and it can actually hinder your…something something.

    My brain just shut off. You know what I’m saying.

  5. I am 100% supportive of just blogging organically, MM! I really got comfortable with that this past year and I feel pretty good about it. I miss the community a lot, I will say…but I really just want to do this as something fun, because I love makeup, and not make it about much more than that. Also, I think posting less means that when I do post, I post better quality rather than just churning *something* out. Ya dig? 🙂

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