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It’s Not a Tag: The Bathtime Products I’ve Been Testing

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Don’t worry; I’m not about to subject you to a “WHAT’S IN MY SHOWER?” situation. As fascinating as I’m sure you’d find a 1000-word piece on the origins of my loofah and exact color of my towel, I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some products that have been circulating through my bathtime routine. Here we go:

It's Not a Tag: The Bathtime Products I've Been Testing

R+Co Bel Air Smoothing Conditioner ($25): I’m a devoted fan of the entire R+Co line, which I believe is the embodiment of high-end haircare that’s actually worth the price tag. Since I haven’t had my hair cut in two years, I’ve started using conditioner to discourage tangling. This one makes my hair smoother and more manageable without the aid of a blow-dryer (but if you do blow-dry, you must try their Park Ave Blow Out Balm). R+Co also makes some of the best-smelling (and prettiest, but you don’t need me to tell you that) hair product around, and the Bel Air set has notes of cardamom, pineapple, tangerine, lavender, and bamboo.

It's Not a Tag: The Bathtime Products I've Been Testing

Organic Surge 2-Minute Moisture Hair Mask ($12.85): The idea behind this British brand is apparent from the name alone, so if you’re thinking along the lines of all-natural ingredients, you’d be right. No parabens, no SLS and no artificial fragrances. The hair mask smells like coconut oil, and has the runny texture of fruit purée. This is admittedly not ideal when you’re trying to grapple with the twist-cap pot in the shower, and so I think a repackaged version would be welcome here. On the plus side, the effect is instant—almost like applying a heavy-duty moisturizer to your hair. It reminds me of an in-shower version of my beloved Phyto 7; unlike a styling product, this doesn’t give my strands that slick, silicone-y feel, but just makes it feel much healthier. Although the instructions say to apply it to freshly washed hair—letting it sit for two minutes before rinsing—I use it as I would a normal conditioner. After wetting my hair, I apply it from the nape of my neck to the ends of my hair, then let it sit while I apply shampoo from my roots to the nape of my neck—then body wash, rinse it all out, and towel-dry.

Organic Surge Super Fresh Body Wash ($10.26): The label says that this is scented with may chang and bergamot, but for some reason I detect neither one; to my nose, it’s the smell of freshly grated ginger. Appropriately zingy and awakening (super fresh, as they say), but I think I prefer my Agraria gels. If you’re looking for something that wakes you up though, this might be it. Formula-wise, it’s gentle but effective. If you suffer from dry patches, I’d recommend trying this as it’s actually decently moisturizing and doesn’t strip skin.

It's Not a Tag: The Bathtime Products I've Been Testing

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter ($48): Oh Tatcha, I thought your blotting sheets were good, but your skincare is truly excellent. Chock-full of soothing extracts from the Indigo plant, it’s the blue body lotion I never even knew I needed (but I definitely do). The color is…loud for a body lotion, so opaque I was a little worried for my white sheets—even though they hail from the dorm section at Target, and thus cost significantly less than the contents of this pot. The good news is that it doesn’t transfer to anything, nor does it turn me into a Smurf. It does, however, give me the softest, smoothest skin I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something. I’ve even used a dab to soothe dry patches on my cheeks when I ran out of my beloved French baby moisturizer. And the scent! It’s fresh, spa-like, utterly divine… I could swim in it.

What’s been circulating through your bathtime & body care routine?

Full disclosure: The products in this post are press samples. All opinions are my own. For more information on my posting policy, please visit my disclaimer page.


6 thoughts on “It’s Not a Tag: The Bathtime Products I’ve Been Testing

  1. I’ve been trying some paraben free hair products, and I think it’s working well. My scalp seems to like it more, that’s for sure! For body, I usually alternate something nice with something affordable. I’m currently using Dove, but after this, I’m going back to my L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. Love the scent, and love how moisturized my body feels after.

    • Yay! You can definitely always tell when you’re scalp is happier. I have to get around to checking out the L’Occitane bath range, always hear that it smells super yummy.

  2. That conditioner sounds lovely! At the moment, I’m loving Haus of GloI pumpking butters and scrubs. They smell delicious and work so well!

  3. I was supposed to get some of those Organic Surge products to sample, but I think the PR gal forgot? LOL Sounds pretty decent, anyway! As for the Tatcha body butter, I still haven’t tried a thing from the brand, but everything always sounds so lovely and luxurious!

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