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One Year Ago: New York, New York

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

It seems that all I can think of lately is a much dreamed-about change of scenery. The exact whens and wheres and whats and hows have always been tiny, ever-changing flickers floating in the back of my mind, always too far off to intrude on my day-to-day life. But now travel of all things has shot to the top of my mental priorities list, which if you know me, is a situation that sounds like it would only happen on opposite day. As it’s been two weeks now and I can’t stop thinking about the suddenly very real possibility, I have to conclude that it is not opposite day, unless 14 of them are likely to happen in a row.

For now, I think it’s probably time to revisit a past trip: my wonderful week in NYC last May. It’s been just over a year since I was there, but an entire year of planning to share the pictures with you and never quite getting around to it (hey longtime readers, sound familiar?). For me, it was a rare occasion of getting to meet other bloggers—the lovely Xiao of Messy Wands and equally wonderful Liz of Beauty Reductionista, who were my shopping and eating companions for a day (although I’m sure I was just about the dullest company ever, still dealing with the effects of my wisdom-tooth-meets-narwhals experience and the obvious jetlag).

The pictures I have from this trip were all captured with an iPhone 5, and I actually quite like how some of them turned out. That said, I’m bringing a camera with me next time. Phones are convenient, but nothing beats the weight of a DSLR in my hand.

One of the happiest half-days I spent in the city was dedicated to exploring The Met for the first time.

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

Ballerinas got nothing on that Gothic sway.

There were so many pieces I had studied without realizing they were housed in the Met. I happened upon Boccioni’s futurist bronze, followed by Brancusi’s Bird in Space (it is a personal goal of mind to see all of the Bird in Space sculptures. I’m getting there slowly) and Fabergé’s Hen Egg omg. I’ll be back someday.

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

The view from The Met rooftop and other things that caught my eye as I was walking around.

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

And because no travel post is complete without some mention of food, a few of the more memorable meals I had over there. First is this croque madame from Le Grainne Café (dessert was a plate of crêpes filled with sweetened butter. Healthy!). I honestly don’t even remember how this tasted, but I do remember it being one of the first meals I was able to chew in its entirety.

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

I blogged about this at some point last year, but the only place I ate at twice was Stella 34, and I ordered the same thing both times. Below is their Paccheri Napolitana, which has such an amazing shortrib sauce that I cleaned my entire plate. Bear in mind that this was my first night there, and I could barely chew at the time. It was worth it. Dessert was a swoon-worthy cup of Vivoli pistachio gelato and pear sorbet.

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

And to round things off, a couple of quick snapshots of my day with Xiao and Liz. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of us, but I figured this was the next best thing: images of grilled street corn at our first-meeting brunch place (no longer remember the name. update: Cafe Habana) and one of many perfume stores we visited.

One Year Ago: New York, New York via Makeup Morsels

What are some of your favorite travel memories?

xo, MM

9 thoughts on “One Year Ago: New York, New York

  1. This was so fun to read! I remember when you went last year!! I love all of these pictures, and the Met, swoon!! So far, my fave travel memory is wandering the streets of Hong Kong at night 🙂

  2. Oh isn’t it funny, I was telling my daughter about the Met last night and how I would love to take her there. I went before my art history degree and I know that I would have a ball going back! Love your pictures, stunning!!! The food and meeting Xiao and Liz? Fun, just fun! 🙂

  3. Trips down memory lane are so nice, MM! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. In September it’ll have been TWO YEARS since NZ, if you can believe it! I have good memories from so many places, it would be impossible to recount. I’ve been dreaming a lot of travel lately myself…surprise, surprise. My bf is off for 6 weeks around the holidays and I’m getting an extra week of vacation for working in the Public Service for 8 years in November (YIKES!) so we’re planning on doing something fun for NYE. San Fran has been tossed around, but it’s gonna be kinda chilly then. I don’t want to go down south, but I wouldn’t mind a LITTLE warmth!

    • Whoa, I feel like your NZ trip was just yesterday, probably because we were so slow emailing about it 😉 I’m sure wherever you go, you’ll have a wonderful and memorable trip. And I expect to hear all about it!

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