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Summer Favorites Tag via Makeup Morsels

I can honestly say I’ve never had a summer fly this quickly, and now I’m already staring at the beginning of August on my calendar. Insane! But while we’re still enjoying July, I thought I’d do a quick little recap of the five things I’m loving for the warmer months. And then I realized…this is basically a tag. So I tag you! Tell me the 5 things you’re loving this summer in the comments below, or on your blog.

1. Blogilates workouts: If you don’t already know, Blogilates does the best workout videos, and you can find them all for free on YouTube. I love them because a) they’re super quick b) I still can’t even make it through one 8-minute session (although this might say more about my fitness level than anything else) and c) she has a scary amount of energy and I have no energy, so it balances out.

2. Ear cuffs: Ohhhmygod, I just discovered ear cuffs this summer because I live under a very big rock. I love the “pearl and crystal” pieces from Rue Gembon in particular—how pretty is the Ariana? Answer: so pretty it’s currently sold out.

3. Dolce & Gabbana for lips and brows: D&G’s makeup line can be slightly hit-and-miss considering the price tag, but there are some things they do exceptionally well. This season, I’ve been blown away by their brow pencil (I’ve got about three more uses left in that thing before I have to close my eyes and hand over $45 for a new one) and their ultra-flattering purple lipstick, Dahlia.

4. Basic Nalgene bottle: The new crop of glass water bottles might have an edge in the looks department, but I drop things so often that the BKR Bottle I’m eyeing would probably be reduced to a pile of shards in less than a week. My Nalgene, on the other hand, has survived multiple drops over the past year and it’s still going strong. Plus, it doesn’t make your water taste weird and the wide mouth is easy to clean.

5. Maxi dresses: The one-step solution to getting dressed in 30 seconds and looking presentable. I’m currently loving this cool cutout version under $30.

Full disclosure: Products from Dolce & Gabbana are previously reviewed press samples. For more information on my posting policy, please reference my disclaimer. Pictured Rue Gembon ear cuffs are from my internship.

9 thoughts on “Summer Favorites Tag

  1. Oh lordy, I feel like summer is barely here and autumn is already at the door! What I’ve enjoyed most this year so far are my lunch break walks downtown and homemade ice tea. In the evening it’s a Voluspa rose scented candle that I can’t get enough of (must go back get some more…). Now you just reminde me that I have to get myself a new bottle! 🙂

  2. I would love to try Blogilates – I’ve heard so much about her esp on Bubzbeauty’s channel. At-home workouts are the best – quick and easy. Your post reminds me to go back to checking YT for free workouts. I used to tune into the Tone It Up girls who make such fun videos.

    • You have to try! She has workouts of varying intensity, and targeting different body parts so you can scroll through and pick the one you want. Love her even more than the Tone It Up girls.

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