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Shades of Fall: Cranberry Nails

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Shades of Fall: Cranberry Nails via Makeup Morsels

Shades of Fall: Cranberry Nails via Makeup Morsels

Shades of Fall: Cranberry Nails via Makeup Morsels

Sundays are for tea, toast (slathered in pumpkin cream cheese, because why not?) and blogging. Let me shatter that idyllic little scene by adding that over the past week, my laptop has been emitting what can only be described as a continuous, high-decibel gasp of death. “It sounds like it’s dying,” my roommate agreed, while I attempted to shoot as many encouraging feelings in its general direction as possible. No result.

And so, all free time this weekend was supposed to be spent setting up a new computer, trying to decide which software absolutely needs to be repurchased (generally, I prefer that my wallet not be so light as to start floating away) and transferring files from an out-of-date hard drive. But then a certain small package arrived Friday afternoon, and upon ripping into it, I discovered the most perfect fall polish. Who doesn’t love a good finger-elongating shade, right?

The limited edition Fiamma ($25) is the consummate Dolce & Gabbana red: elegant, sensuous and very grown-up. It was part of the makeup collection used at their fall runway show, which channeled “the bewitching allure of nature” and “the sun at dusk filtering through the branches of an enchanted garden.” Speaking of runway inspirations (and this is totally unrelated), I thought this backstage pop quiz on The Glowhow was hilarious (plastic…in the oceans).

I haven’t worn red nails in a long time because I just couldn’t be bothered with the upkeep; a slightly chipped glitter manicure can look sort-of deliberate and um…edgy, I guess. But put a single chip or a little bit of tipwear on a glossy red, and it’s time to remove the entire manicure. I’m currently on day 3 of abusing my nails, and it’s still holding up perfectly—a pre-Christmas miracle! This is a good thing because I’ll be sad when Fiamma has to be acetone-d away. The color is bright red under harsh sunlight and merlot under low light, but mostly a delicious cranberry hue. It makes me—well, my hands at least—feel remarkably put-together.

I can’t speak to how the polish wears alone because I never wear anything by itself, but I can tell you it plays well with my go-to combo of Jenna Hipp Strengthening Base Coat and Out The Door Top Coat. Plus everything I’ve said about the brand’s shimmer formula holds true for this cream shade. It might be turning into the D&G show around here, but I can’t help it if they keep getting it right, now can I?

What’s your favorite red? Drugstore? Louboutin? Regular high-end? And…does anyone know of the cheapest Microsoft Office option compatible with Windows 8 that I may have somehow missed?

xo, MM

Shades of Fall: Cranberry Nails via Makeup Morsels

Shades of Fall: Cranberry Nails via Makeup Morsels

Full disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. For my full review policy, please refer to my disclaimer.

9 thoughts on “Shades of Fall: Cranberry Nails

  1. I love that your last pic is of your nails on a steering wheel 🙂 I don’t wear red polish much either, but one that I’ve come to adore is Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust – just deep enough to be a bit vampy but still clearly red.

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