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Announcement! Introducing My New Blog, Paths & Errands


Birthdays mean all sorts of things in real life, but on Makeup Morsels, they signal the return of the giant cyber-cupcake—because I like to flaunt my artistic skills as often as possible.

This year, though, I have something else to share: a new blog.

There are many, many things that have happened in the past year that I could never have foreseen coming. In some ways, this project is one of them. I may not have thought this when I penned my first post on here (which no, I’m not going to link because oh god), but I really did think we were going to keep chugging away on MM until the internet exploded.

On the other hand, I’ve obviously been working on the new site in secret for awhile now. Blogs don’t just spring up out of the ground, as convenient as that would be. There are many stories I’ve discarded over the past year because I felt the tone and topic weren’t quite right for what I’ve built here. It became increasingly clear that I was craving a new layout, a new theme and an entirely new chapter. I had originally planned to run it as an offshoot, keeping this as my main blog. But when it all came together, I knew it was time for a move—or at least an extended hiatus. The beauty of me taking up all this internet real estate is that I can always come back, after all! But for now, I’d like to invite you to join me on my new adventure: Paths & Errands.

(If you click that link and you’re thinking, “What the hell? This took a month?” well hello, it’s me! It took a good two weeks of combing through Tolkien quotes just to come up with the name. If you get the reference, I love you.)

Ok, I’m done. Please drop by and say hello!

xo, MM

the wednesday wigeon

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