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I’ve been on vacation for awhile now, and I realize I haven’t said too much about where I’ve been going or what I’ve been doing.  Besides spending hours re-tweaking the banner (yes, two lines of text can take hours when you’re as indecisive as I am), I’ve been wandering around the country, visiting as many … Continue reading

Adventures in the Kitchen / Tasty TGIF Tidbits

Tasty TGIF Tidbits: Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies

I recently found myself in the possession of one nonstick muffin pan.  After spending a good long week rejoicing, I decided to do the logical thing, and make lava cookies. “What are lava cookies?” you ask.  Well, they’re muffin-like chocolate chip cookies with molten chocolate centers, delicious warmed up in the microwave and topped off … Continue reading