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The Makeup Morsels 2011 NYE Guide

This year, my New Year’s Eve plans consist of The Hobbit, festive candles, and my electric heating blanket.  While I am all kinds of excited to journey along with Bilbo and Company (for the millionth time), I realize that a guide on optimal blanket heating and Tolkien reading probably isn’t the most useful thing to … Continue reading

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Sip Your Way to Whiter Teeth with Glass Dharma

To everyone who’s entered my giveaway so far, it’s been very interesting to hear all of your skincare sins!  While my own list of skin-sins isn’t too bad, I must admit to committing heinous crimes against my pearly whites. Yes, I’m guilty of drinking lots of black coffee, which stains my teeth pretty badly *hangs head … Continue reading

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Tuesday Travels with Travalo (A Review)

Oh, look at Travalo, that travel-sized tyke!  If you haven’t heard the beauty buzz lately, let me fill you in *conspiratorial wink*  Travalo is a sturdy little perfume atomizer that’s specifically built for travel.  The entire thing is made out of tough aluminum (no glass), the size is airline approved for your carry-on luggage, and best … Continue reading