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Let’s Talk LOTR: So Where are They Taking the Hobbits?

Let’s Talk LOTR is a weekly series of posts, sparked by my obsession with all things Middle Earth.  It’s also my way of dealing with the wait (for The Hobbit, of course).  Anything Tolkien-related is fair game.  Come join the fun and geekery every Sunday! And today, just a little song which would make an excellent singing … Continue reading

Arkenstone Inspired EOTD & Tutorial
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Arkenstone Inspired EOTD & Tutorial

lash stamps via obsidiandawn It should come as no surprise that I documented the step-by-step for this EOTD.  It’s Tolkien-related.  It’s glorious.  Granted, I have no idea how many of you will actually try this, given that a) it’s neither office nor classroom-friendly and b) I’m 99% sure it’s not even eye safe, but one … Continue reading